Alfie Mini Spot 3

Spot mini moving head - 1 x 30W White LED
Alfie Mini Spot 3 is the newest version of our classic Alfie Mini Spot 2. Like its predecessor, it sports a 30W white LED and a 12º beam angle. The unit stands out for its size/power relation, bringing to the table a strong and defined beam in a compact design, ideal for applications where portability is a determining factor. Alfie Mini Spot 3 brings its users more operating capacity and user possibilities thanks to its new extra 3-facet prism lens that adds to the classic 7 dichroic filters, rainbow effect, 0-100% linear dimmer and a 7 rotating gobo wheel. Alfie Mini Spot 3 is a versatile alternative to the everyday challenges with a power that ensures visibility of the scheme.
Source & Optics
Light Source: 1 White 30W LED
LEDs life: 50,000 hours
Beam angle: 12º

Photometric data
Luminous flux: 1,320 lux @ 2m (6.5 ft.)

Effects & Functions
Extra 3-facet prism lens
Color wheel: 7 dichroic filters + open and rainbow effect
Rotating gobo wheel: 7 rotating gobos + open
Gobo Shake
Dimmer: Full range 0-100%
Strobe effect: 1-20Hz

DMX Channels: 8/10
Operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Auto-run & Sound-Active
Remote unit reset

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 180º
Fine Pan/Tilt
Auto repositioning

DMX connectors: 2 XLR connectors (XLR-3 In and Out)
Power supply connectors
LED display
Dimensions: 157x145x253 mm. / 6.2x5.7x9.9 in.
Weight: 2.6 Kg. / 5.7 Lbs.
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