Navigator 48 MKII

DMX controller for fixed lighting
Navigator 48 MKII is a 48-channel DMX console for fixed lights, with 48 faders and an interface designed to give dynamism to programming and playback. The controller has 96 chases, 4580 scenes, a dedicated button for the fog machine and a function to manually control a channel during the execution of the chase. Navigator 48 MKII is an ideal console for medium scale mobile applications, sporting speed variation, fade time and two master faders to control the general output and the chase separately.
3-segment display
48 faders
Blackout button
Fog machine button
Speed and fade time faders
Audio input fader
2 Master faders: Main & chase control
Tap Sync button
Full On button
Blind button
Audio button
2-scenes operation

48 DMX channels
4580 programmable scenes
96 programmable chases
Solo function
Speed & fade time control
Fog machine control
Manual override
DMX polarity switcher
Blind function
Optimized audio-active mode with line input and built-in microphone
Controllable via MIDI

1 XLR-3 DMX Output connector
3 MIDI connectors (in/out/thru)
1 DIN connector: Fog Machine
1 TRS 1/4" audio input
1 TRS 1/4" remote control input
1 Power input

Dimensions: 711x264x85 mm. / 28x10.4x3.3 in.
Weight: 7.2 kg. / 15.8 lbs.