Razor Stream

Projector, scanner and laser effect simulator - Powered by 2R 132W Lamp
Razor Stream is our innovative and versatile projector, scanner and laser effect simulator powered by a 2R 132W Lamp. Boost your creativity with its 14 dichroic colors, 17 static gobos and beam reduction gobos. The unit lets you stay in total control of your show thanks to its 3 facet rotating prism, variable speed, shutter, dimmer and strobe. Its laser effect, moreover, endow the equipment with a much greater capacity of action. Razor Stream has a high-speed mirror system that helps you make the most incredible laser effects.
Source & Optics
Light Source: 2R 132W discharge lamp
Lamp life: 6,000 hours
Beam angle: 3°

Photometric data
Luminous Flux: 45010 lux @ 5m (16 ft.)

Effects & Functions
Color wheel: 14 dichroic filters + white
Static gobo wheel: 17 gobos + open
3-facet rotating prism
Frost: Linear frost
Dimmer: Full range 0-100%
Strobe effect
Multi Effect Luminaire, Beam, Scanner, Laser Simulator
High-Speed Mirror System
Multiple Pattern Macros

DMX channels: 17/21
Operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Auto & Sound-Active

DMX connectors: 2 XLR connectors (XLR-5 In and Out)
Power supply connectors: PowerCON® In/Out
Backlit LCD display
Dimensions: 395x350x305 mm. / 17x9.7x13.3 in.
Weight: 7.5 Kg. / 26.5 Lbs.
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