Navigator 24 XL

Compact DMX dimming controller - 48 channels
Navigator 24 XL is a DMX dimmer controller with 48 channels distributed in 4 pages with 12 scenes each, where you can arrange up to 48,000 program steps. With 24 faders (48 ch. in 2 pages) of simultaneous playback in the size of a 24 channels console, this controller allows the user to save space making it an ideal solution for mobile applications. Having MIDI and direct audio inputs plus an incorporated microphone, Navigator 24 XL is ideal for working side by side with music. Apart from that it also has a two scene crossfader that helps making soft transitions.
LCD Display
Manual control of 48 channels - 24 faders distributed in two pages
2 programmable auxiliary buttons
24 buttons
Tap Sync button for chase/fade of Override
Full On button - 100% intensity in all channels
Black Out button - 0% intensity in all channels

48 DMX channels
48 programmable scenes with 96,000 programmable steps
Adjustable chases and fade time
Re-assignable channels
Speed control
Stackable scenes for simultaneous or sequential playback
Manual override
DMX polarity selector
Beat, tap sync, auto run and midi in/out activation

1 XLR-3 DMX output
1 XLR-5 DMX output
3 DIN connectors: MIDI (In/Thru/Out)
1 RCA audio input
1 1/4" Plug remote control input
1 Power input

Dimensions: 483x267x89 mm. / 19x10.5x3.5 in.
Weight: 4.5 Kg. / 9.9 Lbs.
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