Gobo Derby UV

Hybrid effect - Gobo Derby + UV + Strobe
Gobo Derby UV is a versatile 3-in-1 fixture equipped with 8 RGBY 3W LEDs in its effect section, 8 3W UV LEDs and 2 3W white LEDs in its strobe section. Designed for small and medium-scale applications, the device provides a complete solution that saves time and maximizes investment. Gobo Derby UV sports 8 gobos to achieve a very attractive goby derby effect. With a goby derby effect, ultraviolet light and a powerful strobe; Three functions in one fixture.
Source & Optics
Gobo derby effect: 8 3W RGBY (2R, 2G, 2B, 2Y) LEDs
UV Effect: 8 3W UV LED
Strobe: 2 3W White LEDs

Effects & Functions
Three-in-One effect: Gobo derby Effect + UV + Strobe
Strobe effect
RGBY color mix
Huge coverage
0-100% dimmer
8 gobos
15 lenses for Gobo Derby

Operational modes: Sound Active, DMX, Master/Slave, & Auto-run, IR Control
IR Control included
DMX channels: 2/10
Built-in microphone
Operating temperature: 10ºC~40ºC

4-digit LED display
Power supply connectors: Interlock In
DMX connectors: 2 XLR connectors (XLR-3 In and Out)
Dimensions: 230x245x191.5 mm. / 9x9.6x7.5 in.
Weight: 2 Kg. / 4.4 Lbs.
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