Segment-controllable RGB LED bar with sweep effect
Wavepix is a LED bar designed for visual effects with 224 SMD5050 RGB 3-in-1 SMD50 RGB LEDs. With an innovative design and programming of its LEDs, the equipment achieves a sweeping effect and is able to achieve multiple visual effects thanks to its segment control. With an extended mode of 53 DMX channels, Wavepix allows to control each section independently also incorporating different integrated programs, strobe effect and dimming from 0 to 100%.
Source & Optics
Light Source: 224 LEDs [14*16] SMD5050 RGB 3-in-1 SMD5050 RGB
LEDs life: 50,000 hours
Beam angle: 90º

Effects & functions
Sweep control: with front lens for wave effect
Segment control: thanks to its 54 DMX channels mode.
Tricolor led technology: Smooth RGB mixing without multicolor shadows
Dimmer: Full range 0-100% overall & for all colors
Strobe effect: Yes
PROGRAMS: 59 built-in programs with selectable speed

DMX Channels: 3/5/8/24/48/53
Operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Auto-run, manual and built-in programs

LED Display
DMX connectors: 2 XLR connectors (XLR-3 input and output)
Iec In/Out power supply connectors
Dimensions: 1010x60x60 mm. / 39.7x2.3x2.3 in.
Weight: 3.5 Kg. / 7.7 Lbs.