PEAK 8415 BT

Self-powered linear system with active subwoofer and two satellite speakers
PEAK 8415 BT is a self-powered system consisting of an self-powered subwoofer, which features a 15" speaker and two linear loudspeaker, that sports 4 x 4" speakers. Equipped with a D-type amplifier and a very complete control panel, the system allows a fast and effective configuration, so that even non-specialized people can carry out their configuration. With a total power of 350W (subwoofer) + 80W + 80W (satellite speakers) and a really compact design, PEAK8415 BT is an ideal solution for small and medium scale mobile applications, standing out for its portability and sound fidelity.

- 15" Woofer
- 2 x 4x4'' satellite speakers

Linear loudspeaker
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 96 dB
Rated Power (RMS):
Sub: 350W
Speakers: 80W + 80W
Wooden cabinet

Amplifier & Control
Amplifier type: Class D
Multimedia panel Bluetooth Stereo compatible.
Phase selector 0 - 180°
Volume knob for Bluetooth
Control knob for adjust sub gain
Control knob for adjust sub frequency [40-250Hz]
Master volume
On/Off system button.

Inputs: 2 XLR-3/TRS 1/4" combo // 1 RCA L/R // 1 MiniPlug stereo.
Output: 2 NL4 Speakon / 2 XLR-3
Link: 2 XLR-3

- 2 portable speakers stands
- Voltaje and signal cables

Sub dimensions: 530x450x550mm
Speaker dimensions: 510x130x130mm
Weight: 28.5 Kg. / 62.8 lbs
Speaker weight: 8 Kg. / 17.6 lbs.