Beamer 17R

3-in-1 Moving head - 1 17R 350W lamp
Beamer 17R is a versatile moving head that covers spot, wash and beam functions. Powered by a 17R short-arc 350W lamp, achieves 134.000 lux at 30 feet with its 3.8º beam angle. The unit has a 14 dichroic filter + open and bidirectional rainbow effect color wheel and sports CTO and CTB filters. Regarding gobos, this moving head has a 9 dichroic rotating indexable and interchangeable gobo wheel and a 14 static gobo wheel, each of them with gobo shaking. Beamer 17R comes with frost filter, a linear 6-facet & 16-facet rotating prism and a zoom function that allows the user to choose between 3.8º and 45º to cover beam, spot & wash applications with only one moving head.
Source & Optics
Light Source: 17R 350W Short-arc Lamp
Lamp Life: 1,500 hours
Color temperature: 7800K
Zoom: 3.8º-45º

Photometric data
3.8º Beam angle: 134,000 lux @ 10m (30 ft.)

Effects and functions
Color wheel: 14 filters + open & bidirectional rainbow effect
2 CTO filters (2500K & 3200K)
CTB filter
Rotating gobo wheel: 9 HQ dichroic interchangeable and indexable rotating gobos + open
Static gobo wheel: 14 indexable gobos + open & 4 beam reducers
Gobo diameter: outside diameter 14.9 mm., inside diameter 10.5 mm.
Gobo shake & morph
Frost filter
6 & 16-facet rotating prism
Motorized focus
Dimmer: Full range 0-100%
Strobe effect

DMX Channels: 15/20
Operational modes: DMX, Sound-active & Auto-run

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 265°
16-bit resolution
Auto repositioning

DMX Connectors: 2 XLR connectors (XLR-3 input & output)
Power supply connectors: PowerCON® In
Backlit LCD display
Dimensions: 420x382x673 mm. /16.5x15x26.5 in.
Weight: 23.8 Kg. / 52 Lbs.
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