Madbox XL 3-in-1

Hybrid effect - Laser + LED Gobo Fx + Strobe
MadBox XL 3-in-1 is a compact & innovative effect that combines a Laser, a LED gobo effect & a High-power RGBWY strobe all-in-one. With 5 RGBWY 3W LEDs in the effect array, 5 RGBWY 1W LEDs in the strobe section and a powerful red and green laser, the fixture is the perfect combination between power & versatility. MadBox XL 3-in-1 sports 3 different operational modes (IR control, Sound-Active & Auto-run) and has the possibility to trigger either integrated or separated built-in shows. One fixture, multiple solutions.
Source & Optics
Laser: Red: 100mw/650nm, Green: 30mw/532nm
Effect: 5 3W RGBWY (1R, 1G, 1B, 1W, 1Y) LEDs
Strobe: 5 1W RGBWY (1R, 1G, 1B, 1W, 1Y) LEDs

Effects & Functions
All-in-One effect: Laser + LED Effect + RGBWY Strobe
Compact design
Eye-catching laser effects
Strobe effect
Optimized sound active mode
Razor sharp beams
4 built-in shows
IR Control

Operational modes: Sound Active, remote (via IR control) & Auto-run
Built-in microphone
4 modes: Full, Laser, Led & Strobe
Operating temperature: 10ºC~40ºC

Interlock In Power supply connectors
Mode switch
Sound active switch
Dimensions: 159x268x120 mm. / 6.2x10.5x4.7 in.
Weight: 1.9 Kg. / 4.2 Lbs.
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