DMX Controller - 512 DMX Channels
Navigator.Expert.RDM is a complete next-gen DMX controller able to manage 24 units up to 34 channels each - with a limit of 1 universe (512 channels) - reaching a total of 30 chases with 100 steps per chase and 30 scenes. As a huge innovation for a compact controller, this board incorporates RDM function to remotely address & identify RDM-compatible units. Navigator.Expert.RDM produces a tremendous technological breakthrough with its 8 motorized faders that provides a precise overview of the parameters when switching the individual banks, chases and scenes, making programming faster, easier and accurate. In another highlighted point, the controller sports a USB port for data backup and firmware update and has a built-in effect generator with complex effects, color & movement settings that can be run simultaneously.
2 x 16-digit Backlit LCD display
8 motorized faders for manual control - 4 pages
2 control wheels for Pan & Tilt
15 buttons to execute 9 integrated movements + 6 color effects
Color-illuminated buttons
Blackout button
Fog-machine button

512 DMX channels - Up to 24 units of 34 DMX channels each (1 universe)
30 programmable scenes
30 chases with 100 steps
15 built-in effect programs
Built-in effect generator
Manual, time-controlled or sound-controlled chase running mode
Precise overview of the parameters when switching the individual banks, chases and scenes thanks to its motorized faders
Assignable fade time
RDM support
Sound control via built-in microphone
Faders & control wheels are soft patch
Firmware update via USB

1 XLR-3 DMX Output connector
1 USB Port
1 Power Input

Dimensions: 483x171x89 mm. / 19x6.7x3.5 in.
Weight: 3.9 Kg. / 8.5 Lbs.
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