Professional power amplifier - 2 x 1800 W @ 4-Ohm
TEX-3600 is a Class-D power amplifier with 2 x 1400 W @ 8-Ohm and 2 x 1800 W @ 4-Ohm power output. The new TEX Series by Tecshow is aimed to meet the needs of the massive market, offering an excelent weight/power ratio. A trully efficient cooling system, a stereo/parallel mode selector, XLR signal connectors, NL4 output for loudspeakers and a wide range of pretections are some of its main features. Light-weight, reliable and efficient, the power amplifiers of the TEX Series are ideal for both fixed installations and mobile DJ’s.
Output Power
Stereo @ 8-Ohm: 2 x 1400 W
Stereo @ 4-Ohm: 2 x 1800 W

Amplification: Class D
Input Impedance: 20 kOhms, Balanced Mains
Frequency response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
THD: <0.10%, 20 Hz – 20 kHz (8 Ohms)
Slew Rate: 40V/uS
Signal to noise ratio: >103 dB
Damping factor (1kHz@8Ohm): >400:1
Protections: Short-circuit, Overcharge, Soft-Start & Boot-Strap test

Connectors & Rear Panel Controls
2 XLR-3 female, balanced
2 NL4 loudspeaker Output
DIP switch for Stereo, Bridge and Parallel mode selection


Rack units: 1.5
Cooling: 2 fans with adjustable speed
Dimensions: 480 x 299 x 64 mm / 19 x 11.7 x 2.5 in
Weight: 5.1 kg / 11.2 lbs