Barra LED RGB+W controlable por segmentos con efecto central blanco
Visualpix is a multi-purpose LED bar designed for visual effects with 1092 2-in-1 RGB+W LEDs. Its panel supports a control of up to 36 segments and incorporates a central section of powerful white LEDs that give the equipment the possibility of being used as a strobe. With an innovative design and programming of its LEDs, the equipment achieves multiple visual effects. With an extended mode of 84 DMX channels, Visualpix allows to extend the creative possibilities to the maximum.
Source & Optics
Light sources:1092 2-in-1 RGB+W LEDs
RGB LEDs: 672*5050 LEDs divided into 24-segments
White LEDs:420*5730 LEDs divided into 12-segments

Photometric information
Beam Angle: 135°

Effects and Functions
RGB visual effect + white center effect
36-segment control
Tri-color LED technology: Smooth RGB mixing with no multicolor shadows
Dimmer: Full range 0-100% overall & for all colors
Strobe effect
Integrated programs with selectable speed

DMX channels: 4/5/6/10/84
Operating Modes: DMX, audio, automatic and Master/Slave

4-digit LED display
DMX connectors: 2 XLR connectors (XLR-3 input & output)
IEC input and output power connectors
Dimensions: 1000x70x100 mm / 39.4x2.75x3.9 in.
Weight: 5,5 kg. / 11 lbs.