Ion Master

DMX Controller - 1024 DMX Channels
Ion Master is a DMX Controller with 1024 DMX channels and a very compact design. Thanks to its intuitive and reliable design you can control up to 6 universes over ARNET with 3072 channels and 576 cue lists of a maximum of 999 cues each, all on your fingertips on its 7-inch TFT touch screen color display and four encoder wheels.
7” 800x480 pixel touchscreen color monitor; powerful and intuitive graphical interface
2 Backlit LCD Displays with 72 characters (2 lines x 36 characters) to display the configuration of the faders
12 Led buttons for direct access to playback and programming functions
12 Faders with led button individually configurable as playback master, group master, manual cue
24 keys for direct access to the playback registers
4 wheel encoder to control the features during programming and to control effects during playback
38 mm. Trackball for immediate and precise control of PAN and TILT movements
Grand Master Slider + DBO Button.

Powerful graphical interface able to easily manage the scheduling and playback of up to 576 Cue-lists (organized into 24 pages from 24 cue-lists) each having a maximum of 999 Cues
3072 Channels on 6 independent universal DMXs for the management of dimmer and/or motorized projectors of which 2 simultaneously available on 5-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR connectors
Simultaneous playback of up to 48 cue-lists.
Advanced effects generator
Updatable personalities library
6 families of programmable palettes for a quick and flexible programming of the intelligent projectors
Pre-programmed Chris/Gam/Lee/Rosco palettes for use on all machines with RGB or CMY color mixing
Cues: max 999 for each playback register
A maximum number of 9999 storable cues per show
Internal interchangeable universal 85-265 volt power supply
Appliance equipped with a 454 Mhz processor with 128 MB RAM
Internal 4 GB SD memory card to store libraries and user data

2 5-pin XLR connectors: 2 x DMX Out
2 3-pin XLR connectors: DMX duplication out
1 RJ45 connector: 100Mbit Ethernet (Artnet)
1 5-pin XLR connector: DMX In
1 3-pin XLR connector: SMPTE in
3 DIN connectors: Midi in/Out/Thru
1 USB port: For backup on external USB mass storage
1 USB-to-light port

Dimensions: 669x306x99 mm. / 26x12x4 in.
Weight: 12 Kg. / 26.5 Lbs.
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